Confessions of a book binge-buyer! 

Have you ever read a book and loved it so much that you’ve gone out and bought ever single other volume written by that author? Yes, me too. I must confess that I am a classic book binge-buyer! When I find an author whose work I really enjoy, I just can’t help going out and buying as many of their books as I can find (not great for the bank balance I can tell you, but there are definitely worse vices!)

Last year I discovered the Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes mystery series by the marvellous Laurie R.King. After reading book one while on holiday, I abandoned the beach and used the hotel wifi to order the next three volumes so they would be ready and waiting for me when I returned home. 

Another author whose work I’ve recently discovered and binge bought is Jane Thynne, the creator of the Clara Vine mystery series. Set in 1930s Berlin, the backdrop of political upheaval and rising intolerance certainly strikes a worrying chord in these times.

I love browsing in bookshops, and almost without exception browsing will turn into buying. And when they have special offers on, well, it’s a no brainer! Who am I to argue with a three-for-the-price-of-two deal?

As a consequence of my book bulk buying, I am rapidly running out of shelf space, but I’m pretty inventive when it comes to stacking so there is hope yet. Besides, my excuse is that I’m genetically pre-disposed to book binge-buying. After all, my parents had to have the floor at home strengthened because it was sagging under the weight of all their volumes.  I haven’t quite reached that stage yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long…

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