Lights, camera, action – it’s movies time!

It may come as no surprise to you that I am a big fan of the movies. After all, my debut rom com ‘Who Does He Think He Is?’ is all about the chaos that ensues when a film crew descends on a sleepy Yorkshire dale to make a movie.  image2-1But as well as writing about the glamorous world of Hollywood, did you know that I also broadcast about it? Yes, every other Sunday afternoon, I can be found in the hallowed studios of Tempo FM presenting my radio show ‘Music from the Movies’. It’s a mixture of music and chat about the movies, funny that. I’ve done the show for at least six or so years now (gulp, how time flies!) and during that time I’ve learnt so much, not just about films, but also about live radio broadcasting. There’s always lots going on behind the scenes in a radio studio. img_2529When I’m talking away on the microphone, I have to press all the buttons, move all the faders and generally make sure that everything is working from the technical point of view. It’s definitely a lesson in multi-tasking! And when something goes wrong, for example when a track won’t play, I have to be like the proverbial swan – remain calm on the surface while frantically paddling away to sort things out. Thankfully the gremlins don’t attack too often, but you always have to be on your toes with live radio! img_2530I really enjoy putting together my show, and with the wide range of tracks which have featured in films, I’m generally spoilt for choice for great tunes to play. Some weeks I like to do a bit of a theme, for example around the time of the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race I might do a show featuring tunes from movies which have starred actors who went to those universities. There’s usually a spooky theme at Halloween, and it’s now getting to the time of year when a few Christmas tracks might have to creep in. In fact, I can’t wait to play something from ‘Love Actually‘ which in my opinion is the ultimate Christmas movie. So there we go. My name is Emily, and I love the movies. How about you?

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